Just a state of mind

Friday is just a state of mind and if I post Finished Objects today, then that make this FO Friday. No arguments.

FO posts coming soon, then.

This week has been filled with chicken stuff. I haven’t exactly been running around like a headless one, but I have been busy – as Poultry in Motion testifies. We are now in hiatus  – everything is ready to receive the chooks, but they are not with us yet. We’ve put the cheque in the post and one day soon we will get a phone call telling me to go and meet the ferry and collect my little ladies ((oooh, I have an idea for their names now!)). The Black Rocks that we planned to have appear to have morphed into something far less sensible… we are to have four Blue Cochins. Silly-looking chooks – and huge! Not such a silly choice, really – they are good hens for first time keepers, very docile and friendly. Not that it matters, it was Hobson’s Choice.