It’s the weekend

It’s the weekend! The sun is shining! The front door is coming off!


The field looks lovely, bestrewn with big bales, set off against a blue sky. Very different to yesterday’s grey bluster. Still, there’s plenty of time for that to change yet.

I am going to set some  bread to rise, and freeze some rolls to take on our trip next week. There is laundry to sort and wash and then I plan to pick rosehips. I’m on call as Builder’s Mate and shall have to help with lifting and coffee-making…

Ooh, speaking of making coffee, I have a Bialetti Moka pot on order for the campervan. Decent coffee at breakfast time will make all the difference to any cold, wet or otherwise miserable dawnings.

[su_quote cite=”Wikipedia” url=””]The moka pot is a stove-top or electric coffee maker that produces coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee. It was patented for the first time in Italy by the inventor Luigi De Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti, in 1933.[citation needed] Bialetti Industrie continues to produce the same model under the name “Moka Express”. The moka pot is most commonly used in Europe and in Latin America. It has become an iconic design, displayed in modern industrial art and design museums such as the Wolfsonian-FIU, Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper–Hewitt, National Design Museum, the Design Museum,[1] and the London Science Museum. Moka pots come in different sizes, from one to eighteen 50 ml cups.[2] The original design and many current models are made from aluminium with bakelite handles.[/su_quote]

Also on order is a set of three Chambers crossword books by Araucaria. Only £4.99 for the set, they will give us many hours of entertainment in the van. NTS: pack pencils and rubber. (No, we’re not wimps and we normally do crosswords in ink – but with a book, you can come back to the puzzles later on and do them again – yes?)

The big hen feeder arrived this morning but we still await the automated cat feeder.

I spent much of yesterday copying our music files onto the mini USB stick for the new car radio. (I have reached G for Mahler) Mr L mentioned this morning that it looked as though we would not have the radio in time for our trip as it had not yet been dispatched. Then he went to check his mail before breakfast and the dispatch notification had arrived. Fingers crossed for a timely arrival!

Mr L fitted the new hook-up socket and checked tyre pressures and inflated tyres yesterday. It’s all coming together.

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