It’s not that easy

I wanted to illustrate what seems to me to be the main reason for my being unable to get anything done. It turns out however that taking a selfie is remarkably challenging when one arm is full of cat. In fact, I completely  failed to get a recognisable shot one-handed. Taking photos is as difficult as cooking/knitting/reading/cleaning when weighed down by several pounds of determined Bengal.

Hence, no photo today.

We have booked the ferry and made a vet appointment for later in the week, when Mr L is not working.  I am hoping  that when Ted feels better he will feel less in need of a cuddle but I fear that it is the combined loss of Treacle and the sun that is driving him to me for warmth rather than the effects of an over-active thyroid (our best guess at what ails him) or whatever.

The forecast is not great; I hope that the ferry sails in both directions.

The weekend was quite busy and we moved some furniture around. The big room now has furniture in it and feels more like a living space. The office now has less furniture in it and feels more like a work space. A step in the right direction, I would say. Mr L spent most of Sunday attempting to take the multi-fuel stove apart so that he can refurbish it. The grate appears to have welded in to place and therefore the fire bricks will not come out. It is a conundrum. I was plain grumpy about it all because I had asked if we might go and watch baby seals at the weekend. I also hoped to make it to the Bowls club.

We are now busy gearing up for another puzzle week next week. This time it is Sydney University’s SUMS Puzzle Hunt. Sadly, CISRA are no longer running their hunt so we have been a long time between puzzle weeks this year.

Overall, I am in great need of knitting. If only Teddy would be put down and stay down. I just feel all wrong and …jangly. I need some soothing and knitting is the sort of soothing that works well for me. It’s not just me, either. I saw an article today about how good knitting is for the spirits

[su_quote cite=”Lifehack” url=””]Science Says Knitting Makes Humans Warmer And Happier, Mentally[/su_quote]

We have a Redwing in the garden today. I might try to capture a photo if it will stay still long enough and if Ted will let me put him down for two minutes.


Redwing (Turdus iliacus) in the sleet! (c) Steve Garvie

Speaking of photos, remember I put 6 in my local club competition recently? I had a Third place. A respectable but modest start. I’m actually pretty pleased about it because the image that placed was the one that I threw in at the last minute because I like it though feared nobody else would “get” it.

The Texture of Time
The Texture of Time

The judge “got” it, even if nobody else did 🙂

Yes, I will get on with blogging the last trip. Just as soon as Ted can be persuaded that he’s not a permanent fixture. Oh, and we are hoping perhaps to have a mid-Winter jaunt. Keeping an eye on the long-range forecast and outlining possible routes. So much for moth-balling Brunhilde for the winter!

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