It’s all gone horribly wrong

Just about everything that could go wrong today did so, and now I feel completely frazzled.

The gingerbread was good. The coconut macaroons were quite nice. The èclairs were an unmitigated disaster from start to finish. The bread was terrible too. Nell ran off and was found chasing a car down the road. Thankfully the occupants were pleasant about it. In fact, they stopped to chat and remind me that they have Nell’s brother at their house… Unfortunately we can only assume that she had chased another car in the opposite direction first – the occupants of that one may be less happy about having a demented pup on the road.

Pluses today include the gaining of another hosting customer – and this one is paying! And I picked up the stitches for my slipper and ended up with the right number. AND I completed one bobbin and filled another this morning.

I am planning a quiet afternoon. Tomorrow will be busy again.

Many thanks to Gill for providing milk for spinning coffees.