Is it the weekend yet?

June! How on earth did that happen?

Would it not be nice if we could have some June weather? Today is better, much better, than the appalling weather that we had yesterday but it’s nothing like June.

Yesterday passed in a blur of packing, cleaning, tidying and moving. The room where I sit now is ready for Mr L to move his desk in. I have further work to do before my desk moves across the room. We wasted a lot of time seeking the special leg that joins our two desks together but it is now found and we are good to go.

We have agreed to continue preparing for the move for the rest of this week and will actually shift desks on Friday, leaving the weekend for getting the connections working again. I may be off line if things do not go well.

I’m looking at a busy week if I go to Kirkwall, as I should. Outline plans have me going on Wednesday but as I am spending Thursday with Kirkwall’s U3A Photography group, touring the island, I am not overly excited at the idea of flogging into town the day before – and it does of course take time away from the Great Desk Clearing Project. I also want to go through my filing cabinet to see what I can junk before moving it. It’s very heavy indeed.

However, sitting here moaning about it all isn’t going to make it happen. I need to get on and also have to make  a pan of soup for lunch. It’s all go.

Catch you later.

EDIT: having discovered 30 Days Wild I am back-tagging this post as I think that my Monday Outlook shot has the bases covered.  There are tags #30DaysWild and #MyWildLife and I also created a Category of Wild Island.

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