I have packed an infeasible quantity of knitting for tonight. It’s not madness. It’s just that I have lost not one but two pairs of sock needles. It occurs to me that I can open up all my boxes side by side on a trestle table (I don’t have room to spread in my workroom) and have a thorough search. Theoretically, I have two sets of metal DPNS size 2.5mm, both of which I believe are accounted for, two sets size ditto of Clover bamboos, one of which I can account for, and a longer set of cheapie bamboos that have also gone AWOL. The most mystifying thing is that the WARNING! socks, which I had thought were on one set of Clovers, have no associated needles whatsoever – suffering, as they are, from a severe dose of Second Sock Syndrome.

How many needles size 2.5mm does a girl need, you ask. Lots, obviously. Stupid question – call yourself  a knitter?

I am in mortal danger of casting on something new tonight. Potentially more than one something new. Let us hope that more sensible persons will dissuade me.

Time I was gone.