In the mail today…

In the mail today, the return half of a stash swap that I made recently. The remaining rainbow Kauni has been replaced by two skeins of Malabrigo Worsted – and two more Amanda hats will be forthcoming. Amanda may be my favourite hat ever and I may never see reason to knit any other hat pattern again. She hugs my head firmly in a gale and has become a very good friend. Though my heart may belong truly to my “Bladderwrack” urchin beret – it’s not the most practical topping for an Orcadian winter’s day. It’s  the difference  between a good friendship and une grande passion, I think.

I like parcels, especially ones with chocolate in
I like parcels, especially ones with chocolate in

But that is not all – there was chocolate! and an extra skein of laceweight yarn! Very Hare Krishna in colour – more of a rose than a terracotta but definitely not pink or read, really, nor orange – a specifically “Indian” shade, to my mind – faded and aged and really rather special. It looks like handspun and is unlabelled. I think it’s a candidate for the Ruffled Fichu, aka Daybreak Golds, aka Lace Live Shawl from Victorian Lace today.

Daybreak Golds is available as a free pattern – I have a printed leaflet copy, but you may download one here or just buy the book. It’s a perfect “first lace” project and comes with added support. Jane Sowerby makes it all sound so easy and offers confidence to those not yet used to yarn so fine that it appears impossible. On top of all that, it’s a really gorgeous garment and, knitted up in a vibrant colour, would make a perfect topping for that little black dress – or to dress up a simple t-shirt and jeans for holiday evenings.

There’s just one thing. There is no label on that yarn. I shall need to skein it off on the niddy noddy in order to discover if it has sufficient yardage…

No. I am not looking forward to that task.