In need of mindless occupation

I think that I may be feeling the pace a little today. I began my day with good intentions but now feel as though all the things that I want to be doing are really just too much effort to actually effect.

I hate being in this kind of a mood. A good walk or a quick bike ride might fix me but the weather is a bit grim and it might be a little masochistic to try.

Having completed reading a book, the Kindle is now on charge and I must wait to begin another, I went upstairs to look at skirts but it’s just too dark and gloomy to bother. Similarly, too dark to knit (I’m mid-shaping) or to spin (exciting new project burbling around in my mind). There’s nothing to cook as I have taken a previously-made soup from the freezer for tonight.

I find myself at a loose end.

Sometimes I almost wish that we had a telly. It’s that kind of a day today. Do they still show old, comforting B&W movies on weekend afternoons? I could just do Meet Me in St Louis or The Bishop’s Wife right now…

I would pick up my new Journal but as I am not actually doing anything, I have nothing of interest to record…

There’s a blog entry at Crooked House that is not unlike these bletherings here.

So, what’s next?

Feel free to deliver a swift boot up my backside.I would welcome the distraction.

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