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The cotton/cashmere skeins are still not completely dry. The alpaca ones are pretty much there so I have twisted them up and will put them away in the caravan this afternoon. I can’t wait to make a start on the jumper but part of me still feels reticent and wants to wait until I see how much weight I can lose. As we haven’t yet managed to get back properly on to the 5:2 diet since our short break in February, perhaps I should just go ahead and make a fat size.

However – the treadmill is now unearthed from it’s duration-of-the-diy hibernation. We cleared space around it last evening so that it could be set up and Mr L gave it a firmware upgrade this morning and got the Wi-fi connection up and running. I should like to say that I’ll get my shorts on this afternoon but with so much else waiting to be done, I am unsure that I shall find the time. I do need to get my joints loosened up ready for going away in Brunhilde. I certainly would not be able to walk very far at the moment and Mr L has our first “easy” walk of over 4 miles planned for our first day away (whenever that turns out to be.)

The primary goal today is to do Brunhilde’s tidying, cleaning and re-stocking. I shall need to gird my loins immediately after lunch, though I expect to feel little like being energetic after a meatball and pasta bake! The bake is in the oven already so perhaps I should go and make a start on the job with an empty tummy then come back in to prepare the salad

I’ll tell you something else that I ought to do – get the Two Snails blog up to date. I still have not completed writing up the Scotland trip from last October. Yes, I do realise that it is August now and I also need to do July’s Changing Seasons as well as the imminent post for August.

Too much to do, too little time.

The Pavonated Curl looks well over half way now. I’ll weigh the remaining yarn to get a real indication. I am very pleased with it and think it will make a lovely scarf. Two more knitting sessions should see it done but work is taking precedence over knitting.  All the same, I should like to see it off the needles before we think about packing up to go away.  It would be good to take the Warriston sweater with me when we go.

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