Improved this time but further application is needed

I think maybe a B- for today’s loaf – based on the Malted and Seeded Loaf recipe in the River Cottage Handbook No. 3. I made a half quantity and added Linseeds, Hemp Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Poppy Seeds and some additional Malted Wheat Flakes… using the same mix for coating.

I think my mix was too dry – it made kneading difficult.

Company this pm in the spinning room meant that I was unable to give enough time to my baking. Maybe if I had more time to concentrate, I would have had better results.

All in all, a far better result than on Sunday. I got a really good oven spring this time (absent on Sunday), so good in fact that I struggled to get the loaf out of the oven… it was wedged against the oven ceiling. I also got a really good crust… and some charred seed coating.

Tasty, but still a little heavy for my liking. Not so bad that we did not scoff half the loaf for tea – hence the absence of a photograph.

More practice needed, if I want an A.

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