Impending down time

It begins today.  The Great Lay.  The Big Push.

It’s all hands on deck this weekend, as we shunt everything out of the kitchen and utility room. Where it is all going to go, I have no idea. We shall begin by disconnecting the freezer, the washer and the dishwasher. All three will go out and up to the garage. The fridge/freezer will go in to the games room. The kitchen cupboards will be removed and the sink disconnected. The utility room cupboards, currently resident in the sitting room will go…. where? Possibly in the rear hallway.

Dinner tonight will be takeaway from the pub. Thereafter we shall be cooking and eating in the camper van. Takeaway may feature whenever available. I shall be highly over-chipped for a while.

We are  not expecting any actual flooring work to commence before Monday at the earliest.

Radio silence may ensue. We are going to be busy. I shall most likely blob on the 30 Days Wild Project – unless I can escape carting and sorting floor tiles  for ten minutes a day.

I was going to say that I will see you when Normality is resumed only… it won’t be. Things will not be back to normal until we have the new kitchen in and we have no plans yet to begin thinking about that, yet alone installing it. We shall be living out of boxes, shunting boxes, and climbing over them  for  a long time to come. Mr L wishes to save for the new kitchen and not go for any immediate gratification strategy. The coffers currently being bare, we are in  for a considerable siege period – maybe until my Endowment policy matures in 2018. It’s not that long, if you say it quickly. Let’s face it, I know folks cheerfully living under worse scenarios for far longer than that.

Now, I have run out of storage boxes despite having placed two orders for large deliveries in recent months. Time to visit the Viking site once again and see if they have any current offers on Really Useful Boxes.

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