Imagine that it is Tuesday…

Show & Tell

Postie has been! He brought me a parcel from Wales…

Art yarn in Madras, for my Clapotis. Just look at that Turmeric yellow!

And, seeing as I was ordering anyway, and I couldn’t find any DK in the house…

A skein of Jitterbug, in Velvet Leaf. This is for a Norie hat that I want to make. And, speaking of Jitterbug…

Another creative pack of Jitterbug scraps for my blankie. This last I was in two minds about. I was always aware that Jitterbug was a very heavy sock yarn. What I had not twigged, until looking for Norie materials, was that it is more like a DK weight yarn! No wonder those patches in my blankie are so very dense. But, seeing as I already have some in the blankie, and the colours are always (usually! not so impressed with this pack.) so wonderful, I thought I’d continue to treat the blankie to the occasional pack of Jitterbug.

There’s a method to my madness… I’m planning an all-Jitterbug blankie at some stage. Probably not a domino square one, maybe something stripey. Maybe even in Tunisian crochet! Anyway, every scrap of the Jitterbug will be put to good use.

Well. That’s a large hole made in my Matchless savings!

Now, you must excuse me… I need to wind some yarn before I go out. The question is… Jitterbug, or Art? I guess that answer is needle-dependent. Of course, Discipline may yet exert itself… I can always take the ferry socks with me – the ribbing is almost completed and I am ready to gallop down the leg.

No. You’re right. That’s never going to happen now I’ve seen those colours, is it?

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  1. January 19, 2011

    Next time I’m in the mill shop I’ll have a look at the discount section for you, I’m sure I can find some jitterbug in there!

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