I’m sticking with you

Twelve years ago, when we were arranging our wedding, the Registrar suggested that we put together a CD with any music that we wanted to play at the ceremony. It could be anything that we wanted. The only caveat was that the music could not have any religious connotations. That was of course OK with us.

In the few years that we had already spent together we had found that we both love the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony, so that was a given – with it’s very grand finale and the organ belting out.


We had no idea of timings or when and for how long our music would be playing, so we added on the Velvet Underground



and just in case we still ran out, Joybringer.

Looking back now I can see that had we been invited to write our own vows, those last two just about covered it. Manfred Mann were particularly prophetic then:

I bring life, and I can take you where
You can see, and feel, and breathe, and touch the air.
I bring life and I can take you there.

A harbinger of what was to come, when the old man lugged me off to Orkney. Bless him. I may have been reluctant to embrace the idea but, by golly, he was right, wasn’t he?

As for sticking with each other, well, we made it this far. I have every reason to believe that we’ll be back here again next year being just as soppy. Mark the date in your calendar, should you wish to avoid another unseemly display.


I’m not actually here, BTW, I’m probably in the kitchen. This post was set to auto-publish.


  1. spinninggill
    December 31, 2014

    Happy Anniversary! xx 🙂

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