I’ll get there, one day

Much pain in my shoulder over the last week – so my self-imposed BFL deadline was not met. I did spin today, and the end is in sight. I really want to get there soon.

While resting my arm I have been making silk paper. Details over at Fairhand and I’ll be adding updates as I practise and as my arm permits. Once the BFL is complete, I will have a go at the silk hankie that Gill gave me last week. I have plans for some of the silk paper that I made this week, and I’d rather like to make a silk yarn for that project.

Spinning group worked well in my newly-reorganised sitting room, there is lots more space. My mutterings about adding new lights/tables/soft furnishings to the arrangements will have to be withdrawn, as BLOODY TESCO NO LONGER DELIVER TO THE PEOPLE WHO NEED IT MOST. Sorry about the shouting and swearing but… I am pretty annoyed right now. *fume*

Nell was very good again, and rather more outgoing – which is very good and desirable. We didn’t arrange where to meet next week so I think I may volunteer again, and keep up the puppy socialisation regime.

Today’s cake was from WaitroseOrange Drizzle Cake. These are actually buns, easy, quick, and were luscious. Will certainly make again. I made a batch of 12. They are now all gone. They met with appropriate husbandly approval too.


  1. SpinningGill
    January 17, 2008

    The buns were certainly luscious! P has offered to host next week and make another ‘experimental’ (ie tasty) cake.

  2. January 17, 2008

    Oh, good – I like spinning at P’s house.

    Should I look out some “fail safe” recipes for her? It’s like riding a bike (or tatting!)… once you relax, it all comes together. Being *told* a recipe is fail safe generally magically makes it work – IYSWIM.

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