If you want to get a head…

More hattage РUrchin #3 completed at spinning group today. This was the second Urchin in my Flamb̩ yarn, in size medium. I am hoping that there is enough left to make a large one because clearly it is the large size that I need. Ho hum.

Post-curry, post-cake-making, and missing-my-OH-so-can’t-sleep fatigue, bit hard today and I totally failed to do any spinning. I made Cinnamon Streusel Muffins, Marmalade Cake, and Flapjacks – all so fresh that they were still indigestion-inducing and warm and far too crumbly to serve when spinning time came around.

Curry was v successful last night, especially the onion bhajis.

The weather has been nasty.

Hubby is on his way home and just phoned from Scrabster, where he was in the ferry queue. He’ll be on the morning ferry from Kirkwall tomorrow and is bringing bacon for my breakfast. I love that man.

The other Hubby arrived in this morning’s post and it is a delightful thing – but bears damage that wasn’t mentioned in the eBay listing. Also, the very careful packing has left its mark and all the pieces are now covered in adhesive from the tape that held the bits to the bubble wrap. It will need careful cleaning.


Also in today’s post: the house valuation, some mortgage forms to complete, and a number of heads.

Yes. You read correctly. Heads. Polystyrene ones.



Better pics when the light improves, and when I have cleaned the Hubby up and assembled it.

I’m glad I got the heads. They show hats off well. Scarves too, maybe.

Spooky, though. Yes?

Oh. Shopping. I succumbed again. Baby Camel and Silk, would you believe? Such hedonism!

BTW – another tick… on that Urchin, I do believe.