I wish my memory box worked properly

There has been  Knitting. What is more, there has been Significant Knitting Progress. Mr L’s Lancelot sweater is in progress again at last and I have just cast off the back. The rib for the front piece is already worked and I can now begin on the patterned section without delay. It is making me happy, though I confess to feeling disappointed that the stitch pattern dies not “pop”. Cheap yarn – you get what you pay for when all is said and done.

There had been hopes of swanning off in the RV this weekend. The Camera Club has a special meeting to make and play with pinhole cameras. Right up my alley, that is. Mr L was amenable and even said that he would come along to the meeting to play.  I had been looking forward to it but he is still unwell and not feeling up to things. We are going to pop in to Kirkwall in the car one day, I think for some bits and pieces that we need but nothing as arduous as packing the van and readying it for a few nights, then dashing off straight from work to catch a ferry that gets in minutes before the meeting starts. All a bit too “Phew!” really.

Apparently I need to renew my Driving Licence whilst in town. This is not something that I am keen on doing. I might just give up driving rather than have my photograph taken.

What else?

  • I have a set of full ND filters on its way to me. The set lacks a 10 stop filter but I’ll see how I get on with it before deciding whether or not to get a 10.
  • Oh, and a new mobile phone number. If you have my old one for any reason (that’s pretty unlikely) you had better ask me for the new one. The house landline stops working at the end of August when Mr L retires. He’s bought himself a cheap phone  and his new number will become our new “house” number – again, if you feel that you need that number, please ask me.
  • No news from Aberdeen Out Patients yet
  • News from Mezzacotta:
    7 July 2016
    A progress update: We are still in new puzzle creation phase, building up to the number of puzzles we need for the competition. A July competition is unlikely – we’re probably looking at around September now. Apologies for the delay!”
    So that’s going to be very close to the SUMS Puzzle Hunt.
  • Morgana has still not tried out the RV wardrobe for comfort and convenience assessment
  • Something else. There definitely was something else. I can’t remember right now.

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