I win again

Long time Woolgatherers will know that there is nothing that we on the Windswept Acre like better than a good puzzle/treasure hunt. Imagine my delight then to hear today from the team behind the Da Vndrdi Code. As a winner of the old Friday puzzles, they wished to know if I would like a VIP pack for their new game. There’s a prize of £10,000 at stake – but prize or no prize –  it’s all the same. We just like a good puzzle. Of course I said “yes”!

It looks well constructed, entertaining, informative and … taxing.

The Professor’s Journal

Of course, £10,000 would go a very long way to realising Mr L’s dream of early retirement, so we shall be going for it in a fairly concentrated manner… so long as it doesn’t get in the way of the socks, of course 🙂