I was here first – just remember that!

Oh, dear – The Yarn Harlot has started her Catkin. Now it will go viral, and when I knit mine everybody will think that I am leaping on the passing bandwagon. Ah, well… should have spun faster!

I confess, the spinning has not been happening since I acknowledged that it could not be done in time for the Show. Skipping spinning group is not helping the situation — though I have to say that my spirit and my energy are both much improved for taking this radical step. Perhaps this weekend’s Open Studio will give me an opportunity to get some more singles made. I do  hope so.

Anyway – just remember that, for once, WOOL | gathered was there first and that I had the project queued on the day that the pattern was released.

Watch this space – we spot the cool trends first. Oh, yes. Super-cool and trendy, that’s us. LOL

PS was hunting for buttons for the Catkin while I was in town today. Not an easy thing to do when one hasn’t even spun the yarn yet and one has no inkling of what the finished shawl will look like.  Shows I haven’t lost commitment to the project, though!

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  1. September 1, 2011

    I thought I recognised it, when I read Steph’s blog!

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