I think we may be sorted…

At long last, I do believe that we have our next trip itinerary sorted, with all the sites booked and all the wild sites identified (with back-up plans in place). “All” that I have to do now is to plan meals and shopping lists and identify points where shopping will be possible.

The sinks, shower and cooker are properly cleaned and  the dead midges hoovered out yesterday. I also did the final laundry pile – of all the window-drying cloths. Once I wash the floor tomorrow, Brunhilde is poised for preparation for our next escape. We will be able to fill her up again when we are ready to go.

Well, that said, according to tracking the solar panel is about to land on our doorstep. A lot depends on whether Mr L goes for it and begins to fit the panel. Who knows what will go wrong then and how far it will set us back. I can see a scenario involving phone calls and cancellations…

The door lock trials continue and prove to be an insoluble conundrum at this stage. A new lockable water filler cap has just gone on, but will not come off again – so he is being circumspect regarding the matching diesel cap. Everything is so much more difficult when living out in the wilds and applying guesswork to mail orders.

It’s quite good fun, going away but in all honesty I am beginning to look forward to mothballing the van for the winter! There is so much hard work involved in readying her for a trip and then clearing up afterwards. Of course, Mr L is at his desk for those parts and it’s all my job to do. That cannot be fair, can it?

Then of course, there is the blogging – not yet finished.  I still have to complete Two Snails for last September’s Scottish trip, the weekend on Hoy, and this September’s Scottish jaunt. Will I ever catch up? Not if I sit here wittering, I won’t. I’m away to fry up some sossidge sarnies for our brunch and then there’s that van floor to wash, plus a Laundry Plan to make that allows for sufficent dry underwear and socks to take with us

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