I should know better…

…no sooner do I lay down a plan than it all goes pear-shaped.

Yesterday saw the onset of a migraine and the Bridgewater shawl is still in the bag that I packed it in to take to Craft Club with me last night; except I didn’t go — I went to bed instead.

Having dodgy eyes did not make for easy knitting. I had to abandon the shawl yesterday afternoon (so close to the end too!) I did consider casting on the Antalya hat but decided that my head would not focus on new challenges. So I dug this out instead:


Colinette Art yarn, from a creative pack that I bought a while back.

Ideal for a Ripley?

Ripley the First

Ripley turned out to be a  very easy knit for the migraine-afflicted. Nice big 6mm needles and no fancy footwork. It flew together with very little attention from me, in just a couple of hours… before my head got bad enough to send me to bed around tea time.

There’s just one thing. The headache must have affected the knitting because the hat is really a little too small for me. I made the 22″ size, checking the band around my head before making my mind up about the size to be knitted (my head is 23″) — it seemed a perfect fit. Of course, the pleats take up some of the slack and the hat fits more tightly than the original band length suggested. I clearly was not thinking straight.

I need to make myself another. This one will go to a new home. SpinningGill can have first dibs, as I let her down over Craft Club last night and owe her an apology. If she doesn’t want it, I’ll put it up for grabs here.

At least I have plenty of the Art yarn to use!

Thinking about it, I had this yarn earmarked for  hats of a specific pattern. The pattern I cannot now remember, but I do recall that it lent itself to knitting in two shades… and that some of the larger Art balls would make a whole hat, while the smaller balls could be used to make bi-coloured hats. Now… I have a feeling that the hat pattern in question is the one that I have cast on in that green yarn that I was muttering about the other day. I still do not remember what pattern it was, but perhaps the fact that I planned to use two colours will be a clue to tracking it down.

The Colinette Art is gorgeous. I would like to make a sweater in it one day.

You may have noticed that I missed going to town today — I took painkillers this morning and went back to bed to try and sleep the migraine off. I didn’t get up again until midday and am pleased to say that I am feeling better by the moment — just not up to the 2 ply shawl knitting yet. I’m going to make another Ripley now. So much for plans and structure and WIP-bashing target lists. Ho hum.

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