I never thought that I would see the day

Today is an important day for us – we made the last large payment on our mortgage. Next month is I suppose the real biggie, when we pay off the small remaining balance and the Windswept Acre becomes all ours. Due to the fact that we have been overpaying our mortgage in order to reduce it quickly, we now become four figures a month better off, though only briefly as Mr L goes onto 3 day weeks later this year.

It is a period of change and I find this very unsettling.

There has been discussion of early pensions today and of replacing Brunhilde and also further discussion on the AGA/not AGA/which AGA conversation that rumbles on. Believe it or not the entire reconditioned 30amp AGA market appears to rest in the hands of one man and he won’t even discuss trading with us and says he only works locally! What a twat.

Pardon my language but, FFS, a sale is a sale is a sale, is it not? It is we who pay for the carriage when all be said and done so, what’s the skin off his nose?

Due to the twat’s intractable position we are now looking at 13amp AGAs.

It is all taking far longer than we had expected. All we want to do is pay for one and then look forward to being warm again.

More cheerful matters – it is not windy today! The sun is shining but it is coooold and we have a scattering of snow on the ground. I took the second of what I hope will be a year-long series of Monday morning shots of the bay for my Blip when I took the rubbish out.

No sign of Norma this morning – I had hoped that she would arrive with my Colinette package. Perhaps there has been heavy weather ‘twixt here and Wales.

I met one of my three exercise goals this weekend. Falling slightly short on two of them, I may get back on the treadmill when I come home from spinning and then report back on the week’s fitness activity. Right now I have to go and whip up 500 calories of lunch before I head off to Spinning.

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  1. February 5, 2015

    Whoop whoop!
    Congrats on the mortgage payment. That must be a good feeling.

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