I need a good wipping

I had a look in Ravelry and I have…

  • 4 live WIPs
  • 17 hibernating WIPs of which at least 13 will come to fruition eventually
  • 3 frogged projects that will certainly be restarted at some point

So that’s 20 official WIPs that require dealing with. There are other projects scattered around the house that haven’t been entered into Ravelry and are still at the “do I really want to do this?” stage. I need to ferret and tidy and record them appropriately.

Overall? I expect there are about 25 WIPs to hand. Isn’t that a dreadful admission?

We need a plan to deal with them.

I’m busy today and am going out tomorrow. Wednesday is spinning. Maybe Thursday I shall sit down with a spreadsheet and make a plan to clear the decks. Then all I have to do is to stick with it. LOL!

I’m going to dig out the Thorfinn socks  for my trip to town, I think. There’s an unrecorded hat WIP that I can complete in a couple of hours – perhaps I should take that to Craft Club tonight and get it bottomed. Evenstar is pacing itself, of course. I think I am going try for a sprint finish on the Echo Flower shawl as it is tying up my Signature 3.75mm needles. Similar situation with Frozen Leaves, and the 3.25 Signatures.

There – a painless and quick initial plan. That wasn’t hard, was it? And it informs a policy, I think. Wherever I deploy the Signatures, I blast to the end so that I can redeploy them. They are a joy to knit with and speed my knitting up beautifully – not to mention quadrupling the speed of tinking 🙂

Right – the mess next door awaits – must hie me away to find the Thorfinns!

Now, about this new shawl that I want to cast on

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