I love it when a good plan comes together…

I cannot help but grin when a parcel of goodies manages to deliver itself on a Tellit Tuesday. If ever I need impetus to blog, this is certain to do it for me. The Knitting Goddess is at work and arranging the universe such that I have something to show and something to tell. This makes me happy.

Last week I maanaged to read Natalie’s newsletter in time to succumb to temptation and purchase yarn before it all sold out. Again, the Knitting Goddess was in and at work. I had noticed thatmy stash page was lacking in reds. Project Spectrum is currently in the red phase. I needed red – and Natalie was providing it.

Excuse the hasty snap, better photos will be forthcoming when the table is not fully occupied with drum carder and fleece.

Left to right: Erica in RazzleDazzle, Clan in Quasar, Lochan in Morello – all from The Yarn Yard

I love that Lochan, it looks good enough to eat! The Clan is a far quieter red than I was expecting. The Erica is a fabulous teeth-jarring combo of vermillion and hot pink. Very Sixties.

The Clan and the Lochan are potential Silk Road Socks, the Ercia was, frankly, an error on my part. I was soooo seduced by the colour that I failed to spot the yarn base was not the Crannog that I thought it was. Crannog would have been ideal for the project that I had this colour in mind for, but Erica is honestly a little lightweight for that project and I am not sure now what to make with this skein. As the whole parcel was predicated on the need for this skein of “Crannog” I am now somewhat flummoxed. Ah well – maybe the Knitting Goddess has other plans for my time and I simply have to discover what they might be.

Speaking of time – some of my time is spoken for.  I have heard that the yarn for some sample knitting is about to be sent my way. The project is for a book so is almost certainly going to Soooper Sekrit and under wraps. I think probably all that I can say just now is that it will be pink… and in a rather sumptuous yarn base. It is likely to be several months before all is revealed. Anyway, if all goes well, my handiwork will be appearing in print – quite exciting at my advanced years… (yes, there will be cake this week. That is all that I am saying on the subject.)

Now, to return to the title of this post – I love it when a good plan comes together. Not only did I have a parcel to show you this Tuesday but the parcel itself came in handy.

I mentioned the other day that the Sanday Spinners have some lovely new mini niddy noddies in stock.

Today we sold one and I needed to pack it up for posting. Sanday Spinners try to reuse packaging whenever possible – and The Yarn Yard actively promotes reuse of packaging by using some wonderful green bag mailers that are purpose made for reuse.

No sooner was the yarn out of the bag than a niddy noddy was into it!

I also repurposed the white tissue for the internal wrapping – sealed with a Sanday Spinners logo Moo Sticker. I forgot to photo that, sorry. A pity – because I always think it is an elegant touch.

The hammer is not for tackling the niddy noddy – it is for using the hole punch that converts our  Moo card business card into a swing tag 🙂

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