I know it’s boring

I know that it’s boring and I know that I said I would not be a bore but I’m kind of enthused by my first week’s stats, so here they are.

Look at that – TWELVE miles this week – and four and a half hours on the mill. They used to sentence folks to hard labour on the treadmill in Victorian days, you know.

Day in, day out
Day in, day out

Eight hours a day. Blimey.

I did manage an hour today; an extended walk of 4.5 kilometres. Sadly the treadmill didn’t talk to iFit properly so my workout data got lost. I had to enter it to the best of my recollection through the manual system, which is OK but I did  lose all of my heart rate monitoring data.

Trying to push up the time on the mill over the coming days and aim for 25 km a week – that’s about 15½ miles and not a great deal more than I put in this week, so it should be achievable. Perhaps not in the coming week, with one day spent in town.

I’m away now, to make that cabbage and chestnut bake.

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