I cannot believe this

I cannot believe that she-who-does-not-swatch is actually doing this, but I guess that old age and sense come to us all in time. Actually, it’s the handspun thing – even I see the sense in understanding the vagaries  of my unique yarn before knitting. Yes – I knitted a second test piece on smaller needles. I blocked it a little better this time, having found some foam and some map pins! The fabric is far crisper than my first sample piece.

Decision time. Sample two looks better. Sample one feels better and drapes more nicely. I gave them to Mr L and asked his opinion and he voiced my thoughts – sample 1 for him, for the same reason.

Except…the nagging voice of doubt that keeps on telling me that I need to treat both pieces the same. I have to re-block sample 1 and do it more nearly properly, now that I have a method of doing so. *sigh*

Of course there is the other voice, Ms Lazy, who has her two penn’orth to chip in – “Sample 1 is done on bigger needles. You’ll finish it much faster and it will be easier…”

Mrs Doubt, the anal busybody, counters that argument by insisting that not only do I need to re-block sample 1 but that I also have to do a third test piece, and include the beading this time.

I hate her. I really do.

Ultimately, I expect I will re-block sample 1 and avoid sample 3. My decision on which needle size to use may well be based on whether I think I will want to show the shawl (crisper version) in August, or wear it (softer version.)

Having just got the statement for our recent heating oil delivery, it seems likely that I shall be needing all the warm layers that I can muster!

And, in the meantime, I am very upset about the emerging pain in my left hand and the fact that I know I should keep off the spinning and knitting for a week or two. Bum.