I am wavering

So. I am sat here, with a Bridgewater in my lap –  and the iPlayer poised. 15,000 stitches, more or less, to go…

Would you blame me if I said that my heart was sinking, just a little?

Would you understand if I said that large parts of me are hankering to cast on something quick and easy… an aran weight hat, perhaps?

Oh dear. Where is my backbone? (Probably somewhere down the back of the sofa – that is where most of the rubbish ends up.)

What to do? What to do?

I am thinking of watching Dances with Wolves. How many edging repeats do you think I could achieve in two hours and fifty minutes? I’ll bet I could muster up the biggest part of a hat in that time.

Sigh. I am going to be good — at least for today — and plough on with that edging. Lay your bets in the comments. There might be a small prize for a winning bet… How many repeats of a 13 stitch, 8 row lace repeat can I effect while watching Mr Costner?

Caveat: I might not do all the watching and knitting in a single stretch, but I will restrict the knitting to be done while I am watching. OK? The film is available until 3:44PM Thu, 6 Jan 2011 so we shall have an official count before then.

On a related note… when I was tidying the workroom the other day (I have a shawl in need of blocking) I found some unidentifiable knitting. It’s on a small circular, so is most likely a hat or a cowl. The points are 3.5mm and the yarn is Double Knitting weight merino in dark green (left over from my Winter and Juneberry shawls). There are 100 stitches cast on and it has not yet been joined into a round.

Any ideas what it might be? Leave a comment. If a correct answer jogs my memory, again a small prize – otherwise a prize for the most inspiring suggestion – the one that sets me to turning those 100 cast-on stitches into something nice and/or useful.


  1. January 2, 2011

    Was it definitely going to be joined in the round, or did it have an alternate destiny? Is the yarn quantity hat or cowl like or is their more of it?

    • January 2, 2011

      I am certain that I would NEVER deploy a circular needle unless it was going to be circular knitting. Horrible things. As for the yarn – only the one ball left. Definitely a hat or a cowl scenario… I trawled the Rav pattern finder yesterday, to no avail. Nothing looked familiar.

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