How to waste time

The Mums Puzzle Hunt began at midday Melbourne time, while we were fast asleep. Mr L trotted off to print the first set of five puzzles while I was still fighting the duvet for supremacy on this day.

We solved two puzzles before breakfast. An admittedly-late breakfast. Since when, we have made very little progress. I wish this was the week when Nev was visiting – we could use his particularly useful brain right now!

Mr L’s knitting wool arrived this morning – very speedy service from New Lanark Mills. It’s a pretty shade of blue but I could live without the yellow flecks. Even Mr L agrees that my choice of colour might have been better. I do like the shade cards that I requested – it’s very useful to see the yarns knitted up rather than just as threads. Interesting to see that they sell singles for weaving, too.

I made some progress on ‘is socks last night, but not a lot as I was watching Dr Who (very, very silly. Russell T is very self-indulgent and should stick to direction – we need more Steven Moffat and less Russell T on the writing). Am a bit aghast to find that now that I have picked them up again, I am knitting to a fat tighter tension. There’s a distinct line between the earlier and the later knitting.

Now – should I cast on the sweater? or not? I kind of feel that I should complete at least one sock first. Perhaps I should allow the immediate availability of needles to decide the matter. I could maybe just do the swatching..?

BUT – before or after solving another puzzle?

EDIT: it seems that I have been sitting on answer #3 all day, because I deemed it to be “too obvious”, Doh! Three down, two to go. We have until 2am in which to gain full points. Currently lying in 42nd position

I have done two tension squares, as the first one is about 12% out but the jury remains out until I have washed and dried the squares (which are not at all square, actually)