How it is going so far

Where are we – Wednesday? Hmm.

The insulating boards were all down by yesterday afternoon and the thermal paint went on top, at least as far as it went.

Today is for laying the heating mat. This turns out to be trickier than one might imagine. Here we are, mid-afternoon and only one of three mats laid thus far. At least the utility room is now ready for tiling.

The heating mats are 20 metres long. We have three of them to lay. All of them have to be wired in to one point, so each run must begin in the one location – i.e. the start of each mat is adjacent to the others. The wiring may not be cut, however the mat can be cut freely.

It is probably impossible to imagine from my less than lucid description but Mat #1 begins at the front door, in the mid point of the kitchen/sitting room and then travels across the kitchen in order to use up some excess length, runs through the doorway and finally fills the utility room floor. We measured, planned, cut the mat at the appropriate points, laid it out and – it worked out properly, so we stuck it down. Then we had lunch.

Since lunch we have been planning mats #2 and #3 and it becomes increasingly more challenging as we go. Mat #2 is essentially for the kitchen end of the big room but because of the excess in Mat #1, now has to be laid around the first mat’s detour. We measured up and planned and found that we had a metre or so in excess. This  can be dealt with by removing the end piece of mat and loose-laying the wire wherever it will go around the edges. The wires are supposed to be laid a suitable distance apart to avoid over-heating – they also cannot go under heavy furniture (like kitchen cupboards) and for safety’s sake we are giving the ethanol fireplace a wide berth too.

Coming to Mat #3 we found ourselves short at the sitting room end. Given that we had some excess at the kitchen end, I suggested that we lose it in the sitting room area and lay less of Mat #2 around the Aga. Mat #2 now starts at the front door and runs out into the sitting room by 3 or so metres, then loops back on itself before going around the end of Mat #1’s original detour. With me so far?

Yes, it is like a Tangram puzzle. It all fits together in convoluted fashion and can be made to fit in many ways, some of which have bits left over and as already stated, that cannot happen. Other layouts leave holes. We think that we now have the correct interpretation of today’s problem and Mat #2 is now being cut to configuration. I shall be returning to assist in sticking it down shortly. In fact, I am being summoned right now.

(back later)

O.K. Mat #2 now stuck down and there is time for a coffee break before Mat #3 goes into place.

Wednesday, did we say? That’s good. The Kettletoft does takeaway on Wednesdays…

We have been enjoying eating in the camper van. Cooking in there is less of a joy and meals tend to be restricted to pasta and suchlike. Last night we had Ravioli with a bought sauce but I did rustle up a side salad in a nod towards proper eating. Then made the tactical error of washing it, and a plate of cheese and biscuits, down with two bottles of red wine!

So, it is looking like chips and beer tonight. Then an early bed, I think. Tiling starts tomorrow and will consume massive amounts of time. An early start is indicated. I may go to town and fetch some fresh veg home as I am not really much of an assistant when it comes to tiling.

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  1. June 22, 2015

    Just catching up on your posts after I’ve had a week of no blog reading. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how epic this is all getting. The thought of no kitchen until 2018 doesn’t even bear thinking about.

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