Hot and Spicy

Well, I was beginning to think that I would not have to say this at all this year but – I think I had too much sun this weekend! I kept off the anti-histamines because I only have the sleep-inducing kind available and I would rather itch than nod off at 3pm. Itch I did, all night long. Yesterday I actually felt quite unwell with the heat as I was hanging out my skeins. There was little wind and my wash line is in a bit of an afternoon sun trap.

I was proper mafted. (sorry, Yorkshire Day got to me)

For lunch,  I am making Thai Fishcakes. In fact I already have my fish, prawns and vegetables prepared. Now was not the time to find that I have neither Lemongrass nor Red Curry Paste in stock. Lunch may be a little underwhelming in flavour. Ho, hum.


Today is grey and very wet. We sploshed through deep puddles on our way to put the bin bags out. I did not take the camera to do the Monday Outlook shot as the rain was quite heavy and my camera be precious to me…

Clearly the right call was made in washing those skeins yesterday. They did not dry fully, especially the cotton/cashmere ones but today they would not have dried at all. Now that they are washed I am feeling the pull of that cardigan pattern but I really must resist and complete some current projects first. Really, I  must. It does look like a fast knit though and would be smashing in the cotton blend. It would be a useful garment when we go away in Brunhilde. Another Plus is that it would fit me now and fit me later when I get back on to the diet horse and stick to it. On the cons side, there’s no Show class it would fit into 😉

Speaking of Brunhilde – we booked her in today for her MOT. Mr L will deliver her this Friday and we will collect her when she is ready and leave the car in her place for its own test. Ideally we would like to collect Bruni and head off into the wide blue yonder in the same ferry journey. It seems a little ridiculous, even though we bought her for a song, to have invested in her and then not to use her all summer, just leaving her out to rot in the salt air. Crazy people. We would like some use before winter arrives. It might be OK. After all, we did not buy her until the end of August last year and still managed several trips – and in some glorious weather (for some of the time).

The implication is of course that I need to spend extensive time outside this week and prepare her for a trip. She will need to have everything shipshape before going in for the test so that she is ready to drive away. Things are a little grubby and untidy currently because of the weeks that we spent cooking and dining in there. Come to think on it, that probably earned Bruni  her keep, without our ever going away.

So, I’ll be outside, should you need me. You probably won’t.

Frankly I should prefer to stay in and knit on the curl. I really am enjoying it, though not finding much time to actually knit on it. I’d need the lights on today to knit, it is truly gloomy and dismal.


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