Horrible, horrible thing

I am having a total nightmare with the red swirly thing. I swear I have been knitting for hours and am no closer to kissing it goodbye. There is no real reason why it should be giving me such grief, it just is. I keep going wrong, tinking back and making a hash of that and then not being able to figure out which stitches should be where. I am heartily sick of it and now, just seven rows from the end, feel like simply ripping it from the needles and chucking it in the bin.

Why on earth am I investing so much valuable time in something that will look like a dog’s breakfast when it is finished? This is nothing short of madness.

Curse my stubborn streak. Curse my work ethic (yes, there is one there, if you look hard enough) and curse my inability to just give up and chalk it up to experience.

I hate this project.

Hate it, hate it, hate it!

When shall I be free of it?

You know what is depressing me most of all? I have 5oo g more to knit up of this awful yarn.

Ah well. Onward… teeth gritted.

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