My PC died today, while I was sitting in front of it, knitting. Just upped and died!

Mingus is making some progress and I now have half of one leg done, a whole pattern repeat. I’m not sure that my handiwork is very good, though I can’t actually see any stitch errors – but as this is the first repeat how would I know what it is meant to look like?

One of the reasons that Mingus hasn’t got very far is that I have been engaged in doily manufacture. Me – a doily! and I foresee an addiction[1], against all expectation. I have needle challenges however so I must put my doily aside now.

Fafner made no progress today, what with one thing and another. And I didn’t get any spinning cake made either, so must get up early tomorrow to get one baked. Spinning is at F’s and we have a couple of guests this week. I cannot decide whether to take knitting or my wheel, or both. No doubt it will be a last minute panic.


[1] shopping is already in hand… crochet cotton, pattern, book, circular needles (probably not the correct ones, actually) …