2885727382_8dd51ee082 Now, that looks like the wrong side of “close” to me. What do you think?

These socks were doomed from the beginning. Maybe I should just knit socks for me. They seem to go much better. Perhaps knitting socks for other people is inherently less rewarding 🙂

I rattled on with this sock last night. I think I should have had a fitting session before getting this far. I am pretty sure that I may have over compensated on that heel. Mr L is v busy with work today so I shan’t be able to pester him to try the sock on until much later today. I shall also need to ask him what colour he would like to have for the toe, if the yarn finishes before the toe gets here.

All I can say is that it is a good job that these were intended to be “under the desk” socks!