I received a congratulatory email from WordPress the other day. Apparently it was my anniversary and I had first registered with WP 7 years and 3 months ago. Now, what kind of an anniversary is that? I can’t fathom it.

As it happens, it is pretty meaningless as an event. It may have been the time that this particular user registered with WP – but I have other users, not to mention the fact that I was using WP long before WP.com was up and running. Before that I was Live Journalling and prior to that I was hand coding HTML diary pages, long before anybody I know had heard the term “blog”.

Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Why do you blog?

Why do I blog?

Maybe that answer is because I do not know how not to any longer.

The truth is that I have always had words inside me that were trying to get out. As far back as I can recall, in infant and junior schools, my writings were always way longer than any of the other pupil’s.  My homework “composition” would half fill an exercise book when other kids struggled to fill a page. I was always a letter writer – long rambling epistles, journalling my doings and written to those who might have some interest. I never journalled for myself, never kept a diary, but laid it all out for aunts and uncles and to my closer family once I had left home. My best and longest letters went to my beloved godfather, or my distant first love…

The Internet gave me an opportunity to both maintain these writings and also to keep them for reference at the same time. My blogs are my note-taking system and I often refer to them for information. They are the database of my life, so in one sense I do write them mainly for myself – in another, they are those letters that I no longer send to my loved ones far away. My blogs are here for those who care about me sufficiently to read and to catch up on my life now that I am so far away from most of the people that I hold dear. The fact that so many years of blogging have brought me so many new friends is simply a bonus.

The thing is, it might be possible (just!) to lay an accusation in my direction that I blog too much.

I am dealing with it.

In short, I am forced to give up on most of my blogging for a while. I have been put to work. I am tasked with developing the UI for a new software development and most likely to take on the documentation and user support too. I have been out of the workplace for over ten years now and my skills are very much out of date. I have to bring old ones up to scratch and also to take on some new technologies. I am going to be very busy and this blog, set up especially to respond to the Daily Prompt, has to be the first to go.

So. So long, it’s been brief but good. I’m not deleting this blog and may well return to it occasionally in the short term and more frequently once I have the work under control. After all – I shall be needing brain breaks!

I shall still be around WordPress with my baking, when I have time and I shall still be making photographs, when I can and I have a commitment to keep the blog alive for my half share in the Sanday Spinners as somebody has to do that. If you want me, you will know where to find me.



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