Here we go again

Personally I fail to see any special significance in the tearing-off of any sheet on the calendar – it’s just a totally arbitrary numbering system when all be said and done. However, if you are into that kind of thing – a Happy New Year to you. Mr L has changed his lenses, as he always does on the first of the month. Well, it is some kind of marker of passing time but I generally find the lines on my face are sufficient reminder.

Last night saw us eating a very nice anniversary meal but not overdoing the alcohol. In fact, having purchased a bottle of cognac, we failed to get as far as drinking a shot. Some found its way into the sauce for our (very tender and juicy) fillet steak.

The chocolate fondants failed again. Clearly my oven required far longer than the recipe suggests. We are not sure that we shall try again – on the other hand, I do hate to be beaten. One thing we do know is that the recipe suggestion of “Serves 2” is far too generous. It’s way too much for us.

Another thing that I know – the fennel and parsnip purée was delicious. That said, I doubt I shall follow the poncey-cheffy route in future; the Northern Lass in me believes that a proper mash has a far better texture.

The champagne was good and the Rutherglen Muscatel was divine. We passed on the cheese course and had neither port nor liqueur, or indeed that Remy Martin. We did take a second glass of Muscatel to bed with us to sip on whilst we watched The 13th Tale. We were asleep long before midnight.

Consequently, we both woke fresh as a daisy to the New Year’s sunshine. The sun is still shining, though it won’t be long now until it sets from sight.

I made the most of what light there is in the house by making a start on my first 365 photo project. The images are going to a new Blipfoto account (nybblets) and also into the photo blog that sits beneath this blog. I wonder how long I shall keep going for. I kept my main Blipfoto account free for “ordinary” photos. I know that Blip is designed for daily images and that a 365 would help me to fulfil that but it’s my quirk that I like to keep things orderly… it’s a shame that this does not extend to my housekeeping, isn’t it? Anyway, I like the Blip thing of “save your life” and as my 365 project is themed, I want to keep a space for that one pic a day that just celebrates ordinary living.  I have not yet managed an extended period of daily uploads and am looking for some synergy. Today I was shooting my diary and my Nikon with my Canon, for the 365, so I turned the Nikon onto the Canon and uploaded that as my Blip. Perhaps I can do more of that kind of thing…



Anyway, today’s Blip is proof positive that my love of categorisation and classification and organisation does not extend to the house. I’m data-driven.

So, come on, who is going to sign up with Blipfoto and save their life one day at a time along with me?

One more thing – the Canon (a Rebel T3i) may be for sale as Mr L wants to upgrade me to a 7D. If you are interested, make me an offer.

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