Hello, World

Hello, world wide woolly web readers. I am still here. Still alive and kicking. Full of busy, but never seeming to achieve anything worth noting down here. I will try harder, I promise.

Anyway – just dropped in to ask for your help. I had half a kilo of nude (white) BFL sock yarn delivered today. I want to try my hand at dyeing. I am particularly interested in semi-solids and in overdyeing techniques.

Now – I confess to being without Clue. So, can you help? Personal advice or  URLs for excellent (i.e. directed at idiots)  first timer’s tutorials would be much appreciated.


  • May socks (Nain) 50% done. I have one sock. ONE sock.
  • May shawl/scarf thing. Not done. NOT done. NOT DONE! Am on R9 of 23 border rows and have begun to hate this thing with a vengeance.
  • The yarn for the super secret sample knitting has arrived and has been wound but no swatching achieved yet
  • The Zwartbles spinning has made some progress but am still on bobbin #1
  • I began a new spin today on the Traveller – some left over sliver from a felting project. It is gorgeous.

That’s it. The lot. What’s happening to my productivity?

Never mind the productivity – where are the pictures? –  that’s what we need to know.



SpinningGill is coming round shortly and we plan to spin with a bottle of wine for company as we are both without our partners this week. Mine comes home tomorrow so I must have a flurry of cleaning and tidying in the ante meridiem. Later though, I hope to ferret in the big box on the top shelf – the one marked “dyeing and paper-making” – and I shall return to detail what stocks I have and then hopefully you can proffer the advice that I am seeking.

There you are, a promise, I will be back tomorrow. There shall be A Post.

Oh, my.

With photos?

Don’t ask for much, do you?

We shall see. Wait. And see. You never know your luck.

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