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How do.

Yes, I’m still here. Want a brief recap?

  • We have begun work on the remodelling of the old part of the house: the partition walls are down, serious woodworm was discovered and it turned out that the floors had been laid more recently than the partition wall was built, so there are gaps in the floor now. Naturally, the two halves are not completely level with each other. Removing the ceiling cladding also revealed that we lack a matching ceiling. On the plus side, we both love the new larger space and can already visualise how pleasant the new room will be when completed.
  • Doors and windows have been ordered, so we should be a little warmer this winter even if we do not get around to fitting a new range until next summer. Mr L has booked leave in August and hopes to fit them then. This is a dodgy scheme, really (“The County Show, and then it’s Winter”) but he’s excited about his project and has been stocking up on all the “right tools for the job”.
  • Slate tile samples for the new floor have arrived and we can’t make our minds up as to which to choose.
  • Plans are now forming to remove the kitchen cupboards and last night I ordered some storage boxes to keep my kitchen in until new cupboards arrive (this may take a  year or three). Happily I have the luxury of a large utility room which was formerly a kitchen itself. I have space and cupboards but need to rationalise with haste. I keep going in, looking at the task, and backing out again…
  • The annual Industrial Show is looming and I am concerned that I shall have few, if any, entries this year. I have been keeping the Sanday Spinners blog up to date with my exploits.
  • The car went back for fixing and is now home with us again. It has a new worrying noise now.
  • I blobbed on my 365 photo project – this was mainly because I took a tumble three weeks ago and really rather knocked the stuffing out of myself. This kind of accounts for my absence here, too. I decided to draw a line under it and to make an attempt at a daily photograph for my main Blipfoto account. It’s not easy, I lead a dull life.
  • I got my spinning wheel out for the first time since my accident yesterday. My knee hurts now, so I think I am not ready for spinning unless I use the e-spinner.
  • Generally speaking I have little time for my interests and my daily schedule is much disrupted by the works in hand – nothing is where I expect to find it and when I finally unearth whatever I seek, it is covered in debris. We shall survive this phase, I am sure. It helps not to be naturally house-proud, which happily I am far from by nature.

It’s not going to be much fun featuring images of the chaos about me is it? Today’s photograph is one that I took at the weekend, when I took my bottles to the recycle point. A view like that makes a mundane chore so much more enjoyable, I reckon. What do you think?

I must crack on now, my bread will be ready for knocking back.

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