Hello, Monday!

Hello, Monday – I am ready to face you this week – perhaps not with full vigour but certainly with more gusto than when last we met. Do your worst!

I was up late, due to misguided hubby allowing me to sleep after a restless night. Thankfully he was thoughtful enough to put the rubbish out. All the same, I find myself way behind today. I have boiled the kidney beans for lunch and salted some grated cucumber for the tzatziki. I’ve hung one load of laundry up to dry and put another on to wash. I have even emptied the dishwasher. I would like my breakfast now, but it seems a little late to bother…

I’m doing my best to catch up with you, Monday but, to be perfectly frank, your distant cousin Sunday wore me out a bit. Some Sundays are all work and no play and thus it was yesterday.

The plans for developing Sanday Spinners into a proper business are requiring a lot of ground work. It is going to keep me busy for a long time to come.

The saddest of the plans require me to destash my paper, ink, glue and rubber stamps etc. It is going to be difficult – emotionally and logistically. It is however the ONLY way that I shall ever acquire enough space in which to effectively operate a business from my workroom. We have stock coming in, and a large amount of it (the minimum order level was… steep.) I need a place in which to organise it.

Work will begin today, no matter how low my heart sinks in my chest.

Just a little light pruning today. My back is much improved but is not yet recovered and I do not wish to feel it going PING! again. I am starting by taking my Mail Art collection down, where the shelves will ultimately need to go up. I notified the UKPaperArts group today, to see if anybody wishes to inherit my collection. I cannot possibly simply throw it out and etiquette prevents me from selling it off on eBay,but I have no room to store it either. Are there any readers who enjoy Mail Art and would like to house my collection? It’s not huge. Let me know if you would like it. If more than one person requests it I’ll split it up. If  a lot ask, then I’ll do a draw.


I wore my Norby last night to go Aurora-spotting. I love that hat. Love it, love it, love it! So warm and cosy, and perfect for last night’s job. It is not washed yet, so I have no FO photographs. They’ll be along later. When I can bear to take the hat off…

Handspun Sock

I managed to finish writing up my handspun sock at the weekend and post the article over at Sanday Spinners. The second sock needs to be done, but I have it on hold while I rest my hands and I may well need to whip up a little yarn in order to complete the job.

The Second Senneh sock turned out to be already cast on, and I had even  started the first of three iterations on the leg chart (no idea when I did that but it was pleasing not to have to cast on as expected.) That has been progressing beautifully and the third repeat is almost complete. I love knitting with the Kidazzle yarn and Senneh itself is a delight to work on as there is sufficient ribbing to keep the work going quickly but enough complexity on the chart to prevent boredom. I am really looking forward to wearing my Senneh socks and want to romp to a finish but fear that I really must get needles organised today and make a start on those commissions – January is passing far too quickly.

All in all, pain levels are now below the “ARGH  – I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT!” level now – so productivity should rise. Physical stuff is still being taken slowly and with care. The sun is out today and there is little wind – I would dearly love to go for a walk. Walking would speed up the healing of my back. I doubt that I shall find time, though. The stove is calling my name and lunch must be made soon.

Spinning tomorrow. I had to miss two weeks but I am confident of being able to get there tomorrow, with the aid of a lift – we still do not have a functioning vehicle here. The chooks have upped production and are gearing up for Spring and I need to deal with the increasing glut. I’m thinking that taking the spinners a nice swiss roll would be a good thing to do. Just one thing though, Tuesday – if you are eavesdropping, would you please wake me up soon enough?

The hit list for today:

  • Cook an Influenced Vegetable Stew and eat it
  • Install Skype on MacBook and test video link
  • Take down my Mail Art collection
  • Finalise posters for local shops
  • Print and laminate posters
  • Find needles for knitting orders
  • Finish Senneh leg
  • Hibernate Senneh
  • Cast on first of the commission knits

In that order, I think.


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