Heavyweight Blogging

Yes, I know I have been a bit of a lightweight in recent months but I do promise some heavyweight blogging in the coming days – just not here.

It’s Knit Crochet Blog Week once again and posting starts tomorrow. In previous years I have done double duty, blogging both here and over at Sanday Spinners. This year I am just posting to Sanday Spinners, unless some late inspiration strikes. The good news is that I have all seven posts already drafted, so I cannot fail to succeed.

This past week has been MUMS Puzzle Hunt Week, in which we have been teamed with Mr & Mrs Trundlebug and have had a very good time and done lots of solving. Unfortunately it has been a busy week in all manner of directions – Mr L was on holiday again and we have been out with the dogs a lot and also had to venture into town on two days. It all eats into one’s time. The coming week sees me in sole charge of Sanday Spinners in addition to getting the house back in order after a week’s holiday. The laundry is piled to the ceiling and the grass is nearing the knee…

So – quiet here, and probably over on the photoblog too, but busy, busy, busy at Sanday Spinners and around the house. I’m hoping after Gill gets back that I can award myself a week off too and perhaps involve myself with the camera for a while.

Today’s picture comes from tomorrow’s KCBW post – you can read all about it then.

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