Headless chicken

More mail from Bakery Bits today (I split my parcels down to avoid excessive courier charges) including Aroma Pannetone and some of that crunchy pearl sugar…

I may never make Pannetone. I may. Perhaps. Whether I do or not, I am fascinated by the essence and its blend of citrus flavours and vanilla. I want to play with it, though it may only end  up in a tea cake or a Chelsea Bun, or a sponge cake… my vision still requires me to obtain that whole candied peel that I have been seeking but fruitlessly (ah, punny!) and the stoned Muscatel raisins.

Today I am very busy in the kitchen. I have a Focaccia rising for our pasta lunch. I am short of white bread flour so this version is being made with some Pepper and Basil flour that I had to hand. A probable error, as I have fresh rosemary in the house and a plain Focaccia would have been wonderful.

There is a Maslin pan on the stove, softening a kilo and a half of onions –  more on that later.

I have yet to make up my pastry mix for tomorrow’s mince pies.

All this, and yet I  still hope to make a malt loaf for tea.

Wish me luck!

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