Happy New Me

After a little hiccup on last weekend’s weigh-in I can now report a Happy New Me. I am soon going to pass a second major weight goal, all being well.

The first goal was to shed the 3 kilos that I had put on over last winter and not managed to shake off during the summer. That went very quickly.

The next goal is to have dropped 6 kilos in total – being practically a whole stone (because I am an old person and that is the unit of meaning for me.) It’s taking longer than the first 3 kilos suggested…

Yesterday I weighed in at practically a genuine 2 figures. By which I mean that I am closer to 99 than I am to 100 kilos. I just need to rid myself of those decimal places…  I see it almost within my grasp.

I should wait until I hit the mark before making a song and dance about it but today was my first weigh-in of the year and I am recording benchmarks to review at the end of 2015. It seemed fitting to come clean now. Worry not, I shall be bouncing for joy and shouting it out when it does finally happen.

Eight weeks down.

Many more to come.

“All” that I have to do is to maintain the downward curve for the next twelve months. I’m not thinking now about how long beyond that point I shall need to keep up the good work.

There has not been much treadmill activity this past week – nor much of any exercise at all. I have crocheted a lot of blanket but I doubt that uses up many calories at all.

We are back to the working week routine now and I am very sad to report that we found little or no time for this years “Logica” treasure hunt. Mr L seems to have done little else but work this year. His entire holiday seems to have been spent on Cumulus.

Today’s 500 calories are coming in the form of a simple vegetable broth. It will make a welcome break after all the feasting we have been doing. The next few weeks will be tough and lacking in inspiration, salad, and veg. Menu planning is going to present significant challenge. Or I could stiffen my backbone and get on a boat before refit finishes.

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