Happy Birthday to meeeeee

Mr L woke me this morning by stuffing a steaming hot mug of tea into my hand. His first words were “Happy Birthday – BT have sent you a birthday present!”

I put the rubbish out, had my shower, hung the towels out to air, then came to check it out. The speed checkers say we have 6+ Mbits/sec but we are currently downloading a fillum at 8Mbits.


It’s going to make browsing those yarn shop stocks so much easier 🙂

Postie should be here soon. Hope he has my new yarn with him. It’s the closest thing that I shall get to a birthday present and I intend to enjoy it.

Pomatomus proved taxing last night. I think I was too tired. Tinking was slow work and I ended up only 3 rows ahead of where I began. I am not sure that I like the Brittany needles. Too blunt. I prefer my Clovers. Perhaps I should complete Mr L’s socks and free up the preferred needles for further use…

It’s another stunning day today. I think the birthday girl should award herself a day off and go spin in the garden again. I’ll work on that tan. It’s the first year for many that I have shown any signs of brown-ness and it’s only mid-May yet! We have had just 2.2 mm of rain this month. The farmers will be wanting some wet on their barley, I think. To be honest, I’d like the refreshment of a good downpour too. I’m starting to feel a bit crisp about the edges.

The weeds are dying off nicely. We are plant murderers… on the other hand, the supermarket herbs that I planted out seem to have had a 50% success rate – better than expected.

Nell has almost totally destroyed her new football. I hope that postie brings her other one along with my yarn.

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October 29, 2020 at 12:12PM

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    Happy Birthday!!!

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