Grump, grump, grump

I really cannot believe just how out of sorts I feel today. This is no foot to be starting off on.

I feel like a 10 year-old. I want to shout out “I’m bored!” and yet I really do not feel like getting off my backside and doing anything at all.

My shawl is not yet washed, nor have I sewn the ends in.

The cake for tomorrow is not yet baked – nor do I have any caster sugar with which to make it.

My spinning wheel stands neglected in the sitting room.

I know it’s going to be piddling down when I have to go out tomorrow.

My very bones ache and my head is unfocused. Everything appears too large to tackle. It is all too much effort.

Really, everything is wrong way up today and I just cannot wait to go back to bed… and oblivion.

Whatever is up with me?

Anybody know any good jokes?

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