Groovy, baby

Knitting this hat for Mr L is proving to be deeply satisfactory. I love the fact that I can now call a yarn into being from almost nowhere at all in just a day or two. That’s great. Even better is the fact that it now looks like proper yarn – it’s properly plyed now, and relatively even throughout. The merino is good to knit with, though this yarn is not as nice as my “Delightful” yarn. The colours are rich and gorgeous. The  pattern is simple, allowing the yarn to be the star and the whole thing is knitting up into a heavyweight wind beater. It’s going to be good.

I am well into the second skein now, and not yet into the crown shaping. Progress will cease shortly as I will either run out of yarn or the number of stitches will decrease to the stage where I need to swap to DPNs – and my Spring Cap is on the needles that I shall be needing to finish this hat. As I need to spin more yarn, I don’t intend to rob Spring to pay Groovy. I’ll get back to work on the Spring Cap while I wait for my new fibre to arrive and when the yarn is spun the needles will be ready and waiting.

Oh, and I am getting the felting mat to go with the felting tool. Mr L got a “second chance” offer from the vendor on the mat he was outbid on, so he bought it without reference to me. Lucky girl that I am.

I am really looking forward to needle felting. I am very drawn to the idea of “painting with fibre” and want to begin by creating a few felt ATCs to  get  my hand in. Or some book covers, maybe. I can’t wait! As the tools are coming from South Uist, I thought we should get free postage – the vendor could just stand on a cliff top with a following wind and lob me my parcel… or tie it to a passing gull or something…