Green of the Day 17 March 2009

St Patrick’s Day. It had to be done, didn’t it?

Green Sweater Blue Day
A great day for the wearing of the green

This is a sweater that I love. I didn’t knit it myself. It is in fact my first-ever eBay purchase – as in, the first one I ever bought on my own account (Mr L was buying for us both before that). I looked at my account and eBay tell me that I have been a member since 28-Mar-01 (wow, almost an anniversary). So this sweater is 8 year’s old!

It was once a rich, bright emerald green. It’s a cotton aran-knit sweater and came from Ireland. Not only was it my first purchase, but it was the vendor’s first eBay sale.

Over the years, the colour has faded and the sweater has grown and sagged. It’s massively comfortable and ideal for curling up inside on the sofa, with a good book on my knee.

Another shot, with some “North” rocks included:

Green Sweater and Rocks
Green sweater with rocks