Green of the Day 11/03/09

Today’s green results from a walk in  the bay last night.

Wellie Green
Wellie Green

I had my pocket camera with me. It wasn’t up to snapping the two seals that kept pace with us along the shoreline, but took a reasonable stab at capturing a Fulmar. One day I will get it right. Until then, make do with these.

They come very close

My tracking and panning skills are badly affected by my feet sinking into wet sand. It makes me topple over a bit as I turn around!

Fulmars are great – so aerodynamic, like little Spitfires. They love to taunt us and the dogs and sweep in very close to our feet, taking a good look at us before circling around and having another pass.

Beautiful creatures.

and move much faster than they seem to

I got very carried away trying to capture the way that the light was filtering through a strand of kelp. I wished I had the Canon with me.

Kelp and Kettletoft
Kelp and Kettletoft

I took a shot looking North, back towards our house, for PS4North


and some reference shots of seaweed greens and made a hasty triptych of them


The individual shots are here, here, and here.

I do have some knitting green to show off, as I started the Laminaria on straight needles yesterday evening. I have just two repeats of the first chart done and will show it off once I have an inch or two more to see. I am glad that I started on it. I had been feeling very low and depressed and I found that after doing an hour on the shawl my spirits had lifted considerably. The new needles won’t be coming today as postie has already been round; exceptionally early. Before the morning ‘plane arrived, in fact. All he brought me was a Council Tax bill.

Before casting on the shawl, I sewed in the ends on the Alpine butternut and grafted the Crofter’s Cowl. I’d like to go for the blocking but I do need to chain myself to the desk today after an application crash yesterday robbed me of several hours’ work. (Yes. I did save my document. Sadly, I wasn’t working on document content but on styles, which are evidently not saved with the document. Typical!) After putting the shawl down to go to bed – it certainly isn’t a bed-knitting project – I picked up the man sweater and put a few inches into the first sleeve.

Will have to skip spinning today. I’ve done no more spinning since last Wednesday morning, there just hasn’t been time and I am rather disappointed not to be going today – but that deadline… oh, that deadline!

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  1. March 11, 2009

    Lovely green photos!

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