Green, not soup

There are a number of these “lock and lock” boxes in the caravan. I keep my colour-sorted felting fibres in them.  Given that all my fibre stuff needs to be re-homed, I hatched a plan to empty out the boxes and re-use them in the RV. First task – check that they are correctly sized for the RV lockers before going mad with emptying them.

I had a real tussle to get in to the caravan, the door seems to have swelled over the winter but I obtained one box to try out.


Not that I have done anything with it. We decided that it is too windy out to dare opening the RV door. The job must wait until tomorrow. I could go and rescue further boxes from the caravan but it is snowing again, so I am going to fire up the iPlayer instead and watch the Shakespeare Live thing, not-live.

One other thing that I might do when next in the caravan is to catalogue my knitting books. Jennifer has been making overtures on the book-purchasing front so I need to make her a list.

It’s not-Tai-Chi night tonight. I will have to miss out on that as it would not be fair to pass on my virus.  Next week, I shall be there.

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