Green ‘n ARGHGrowllies

Remind me never to embark on an all-over stitch pattern in a mansock again. Talk about tedious! It’s only the fact that they are so beautiful that keeps me going. All the same, I am considering renaming this project as “Marathon Socks”

I have my head down on them now and am sprinting for the finish line. I have 4 * 10 round repeats to do in the foot before the toe arrives. I doubt that they will be done today but I am certain that they can be finished tomorrow, especially if I leave my wheel at home and cycle to Spinning with my socks in my front basket. And won’t I be glad to see the back of them? Oh, yes, indeedy. Only then I shall have to start some very boring fingerless gloves…

M u s  t    r  e  s  i  s  t    t  h  e      l    a     c      e …….

(Buck up woman! Only four repeats left. Just the four. Count them. See? Think positive. Chip away at them one at a time. You’ll get there. No gain without pain, you know… put the blog away. Just knit.)