Green and Growlly Progress

green-and-growlly-1-thb These socks are not going to be a fast knit. I’m half way down the first leg, with 5  of 10 pattern repeats completed.

I don’t like knitting on four needles, much preferring the triangular stability of knitting across three. I find four very floppy and fiddly. Add this to the 10 row pattern, with lots of changes from knit to purl, and the loose ply of the cashmere tending to split… well, very slow work – and a total inability to hit any kind of rhythm at all.

On the other hand, these are going to be very fine socks indeed. The two colours of yarn form an agreeable and subtle contrast, the stitch pattern is attractive, and the soft yarn is very agreeable in the hand indeed. They will be worth the perseverance. I might just squeak in by 31st December. Maybe


… I can keep my hands off this lusciousness…

Manos-del-Uruguay-1-thb Manos-del-Uruguay-2-thb

Glorious, glorious colours!

This is Manos del Uruguay, Wool Clasica. 100% wool, kettle dyed by hand, and destined for a “My so called scarf” at the moment. It would not be difficult to feel cheerful in the depth of winter and a knifing wind, in a scarf like that – would it?