Goth Weather

Lying in bed last night, awake for much of it again as the elements battered the windows, I suddenly had the notion that we are having Gothic Weather. Come film your horror movies here – we have it all, lashing rain, wind, sleet, hail, thunder and lightning, massive waves and, worst of all, a constant gloom. Quite enjoyable if it arrives a little at a time but this is continuing for far too long. I feel so sorry for my poor chooks.

EDITED: Today’s morning boat is cancelled, as were yesterday’s and the afternoon boat on the previous day. That’s four boats on the trot. I haven’t been to the shops at all but I’m betting the shelves are running bare now. There is  no post, of course and my  new fridge, trainers etc. are all held up en route. Poor Naked Wines are fretting about their lost package and have now said that they are replacing it for us despite our assurance that it will get here, some time. This means of course that we shall have to arrange a return package at some stage. Such fun. At least the daily phone calls should cease for a while now.

None of this is such a hardship, so I do spare my thoughts for those who had travel plans, now thoroughly disrupted. I know of at least one person who had planned to leave the island this morning and journey to meet his partner, already doon sooth. I trust and hope that they can get together soon and continue with their plans.

The RNLI have been busy and done their amazing thing again. Please donate to maintain this remarkable service – it is not Government funded, as so many folk seem to think, but a charity maintained entirely by the goodwill of the public. It is astounding that individuals will put to sea in the conditions that we have been having to save the lives of others. Twenty-five metre high waves, people. Think on that. I hope that I never have need of their assistance but as a regular boat user in what are some of the most dangerous waters in the UK, I am so happy that they would be there if needed.

Amazingly, the power has stayed on. It has dipped alarmingly from time to time but bounced back thus far. This means that I still have an oven in use – today I shall be stuffing a marrow. With haggis.

All in all, I am at a low ebb and ready for some sunshine, fresh air and a change of pace. It seems unlikely that Brunhilde will be taking us anywhere in the foreseeable future, the weather pattern is set to remain foul until Christmas.

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