Goodbye, 2012

It’s New Year’s Eve, and that means that I am very busy. I just popped in to wave 2012 goodbye. Today is our 10th wedding anniversary and we are celebrating at home with an Indian style meal. I am in charge of the Prawn Tikka starter and all the side dishes, including the Poori. My prawns are marinading and my roti dough is resting. All is in hand. Mr L is in sole charge of the Butter Chicken, one of his specialities. I think he has his bases covered too.

Apart from the cooking, I have to attend to updates over at Sanday Spinners, as prices change tomorrow. I’m updating software, changing themes, and uploading new prices… among other small jobs. So, its heads-down until dinner time now.

I’m not keen on New Year Resolutions but I can say with confidence that my first goal for next year will be the perfecting of the Beaucaire. I was thinking about it overnight and I have an idea that I am over-coating the inside of the folded dough. By which  I mean that to get rolls as shown in the book, I cannot possibly be intended to be flouring the whole of the surface, but just a single strip… leaving uncoated dough on both the folded and seamed edges.

I’m a bit slow and rather dim, but I get there in the end.

Other than that, 2013 will certainly be The Year of The Cheese. Yesterday’s efforts have shown us how much we need to know and to learn and to practise. Let us just say that effort #1 turned out rubbish. I may rescue some of it by making something like a curd tart tomorrow.

Of course, the coming year will see me progressing my learning curve with bread. That goes without saying – this learning journey is fun and rewarding. This blog shall be around for some time to come.

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